West Coast Cactus + Succulent Scene

People Spotlights

One of our primary goals is to build a thriving community around our hobby. Growers, ceramists, collectors, educators. These are only a few of the people that are part of the cactus and succulent scene. Get to know them through these short but insightful interview spotlights.

I remember the first time I saw an Astrophytum asterias cv. Super Kabuto and I had to look it up. I thought the patterns were painted on. That is how foreign and perfect they looked to me!
As humans we perceive natural phenomena as taking ages, yet in the eyes of the earth the growth, erosion, decay and destruction it performs on itself is just the blink of an eye.
I started to notice plants, specifically cacti and the Trichocereus genus via the Chavin de Huantar cultural site in Peru. I went down the rabbit hole and consumed all the information I could find about these plants.
I hope I can continue to grow my inventory of unique and hard to find plants. My goal is to be one of the biggest Southern California growers of these rare and exotic plants.

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